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Apple Blossom from the edge of Exmoor National Park,  Somerset.

Moon in Capricorn


Delight, generous abundance, sweet scent that goes through all of life.



Take a bite of joy and love your life.  Stand tall and clear, protected by natures gift’s.

Apple brings abundance of choices. A refocusing on the sweet scent of life and its connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky.  Hear the galaxy of stars calling you to step forward, into your strength.  Now is the time to provide for yourself.


Moon in Capricorn (©Cat Cox

Putting ideas into practice to achieve your planned results.  Take responsibility for your life being what it is and set about doing what is necessary.



Apple Blossom


Camilla in the snow

Camilla in the snow was made in the World Peace gardens at Chalice Well, Glastonbury using the cocreation method.

Moon in Pisces


spiritual strength, sensitive, adventurer self-contained.



Always connected to spirit and deeply rooted in the earth.  Sensitive to others and the environment seeing signs and gaining guidance.  An adventurer, traveller, self-contained and in tune with their own heart, their own love, their own strength.


Moon in Pisces (©Cat Cox

Meditating, sensing the ebb and flow of all life, feeling spirit as part of every moment.  World events trigger everyone’s emotions – so be kind and respectful to all the truth of oneness.