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Honeysuckle was made on the edge of Exmoor National Park.

Moon in Cancer


Beauty, presence, complete and transformation.



Magical realm of beauty, purity and strong connection between Mother Earth and Spirit.  Honeysuckle can help you be here in your body, in this life, and be complete.  Memories are joyous, enlivening and help realise your own path on Mother Earth.  Transformation from living in the past to living fully in the still, loving heart centre of now.



Moon in Cancer (©Cat Cox

Soulful and home loving, this moon in cardinal water enriches through contact with the imaginal world and the feeling dimension of life.  A time for emotional nourishment.



Lilac was made in EarthSpirit, Glastonbury gardens.

Moon in Aries


Strength, flexibility, high arts (creativity), synchronicity, energy.



Flexibility and adoptability with the challenges of life bringing laughter and fun.  Light-hearted strength to step into the unknown and to face the barriers to your dreams.  Strength and flexibility, light-footed, dancing, singing, high arts bring the dream alive.  High energy connection to angels and destiny.


Moon in Aries (©Cat Cox

A drive to action; speed; impatience.  Others are equally keen to get to their destination, so take care as you travel about.  Perfect foe waking up to your surroundings, ready for the move into ...


honeysuckle Lilac