Air Sprays

Space Purification & Clearing

I developed this first spray as a way of cleasning and purifying a space where the use of smoke from burning incense or herbs was not appropriate such as, rooms with smoke detectors, inside cars and tents etc.  Also found to have a personal grounding affect.  A very popular spray with excellent review comments.

(Includes essences of Earth Energy, Lilac, Black Tourmaline crystal and essential oil of White Sage)



Safe & Sound 

Low stock

Safe and sound was developed for a person who was going to be alone for the first-time and someone who is very nervous about traveling on motorways.  Also found to give a feeling of well-being and joy.  Recently has been effectively used for calming person in shock.  A very calming, reassuring and loving spray.

(Includes essences of Primerose, Rose, Andalusite crystal, and essential oils of Patchouli and Rose)



The Air Spray special ingredients work on many different levels.  The scent is detected by our olfactory system which is the only one of our five senses to have a direct link to our limbic system, which is a part of the brain that influences how we process memories, feelings, moods and emotions.  The olfactory system has an immediate effect upon our feelings and also has a strong energic effect upon the environment.


The flower/vibrational essences affect the body's energetic system directly and also have a strong effect upon the environment both physically and energicly.  The combination of the scent and essence produce a whole-body experience.

Air Sprays are available in 100ml size and cost  £16.00 each including post and packaging to UK mainland.