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Thuja was made in the World Peace gardens at Chalice Well, Glastonbury using the cocreation method.

Void of Course Moon


Deep change, protection and flexibility.  Clear communication.



Helps to bring important changes at your core level by supporting very small steps.  Very accessible and giving - ideal for people who are giving of themselves.  Associated with strong song and vocal expression.  very particular about connections with others keeping clear boundaries.  Self-determination with a quality of focusing and getting things done.


Void of Course Moon

The Moon ceases making aspects to the planets as it approaches the end of each zodiac sign.  This time is perfect for doing the things you've been putting off.


Jim has this to say - Thuja is a genus of coniferous tree in the Cupressaceae.  It is often overlooked but makes a lovely essence with a lower vibration.  Particularly useful for supporting and opening the throat chakra and bring balance to the etheric fields.  It also has a history of medicinal use for respiratory tract infections and painful conditions including osteoarthritis.  



Jasmin (winter flowering)

Jasmin was made on the edge of Exmoor National Park.

Moon in Sagittarius


Warrior, magic, self-contained, grounded.



A warrior, strong and able to resist the onslaughts of life yet delicate and light.  A strong empowerer, self-contained and with a connection between Mother Earth and Spirit.  Unseen worker of magic, uplifting, light, sensory and rooted.  Thrives best with others as can sometimes get lost on its own.


Moon in Sagittarius (©Cat Cox

Seeks adventure.  Freedom loving and expansive, this moon in cardinal earth understands the nature of matter where planning, effort and time are needed to bring ideas to fruition.


Thuja Winter Jasmine